We believe in slow fashion, sustainability, and responsibility

From our little tropical island, surrounded by ocean, we specialize in swimwear separates that are stylish but also sustainable. That can be dressed down for diving deep or dressed up to take you from beach to bar with a shirt casually overlaid for après-active chic and a glass of something chilled.
Multi-functionality as quality has always been a focus to support durable use.

Aima Dora swimwear is about looking good, feeling good and doing good.


Meet Alma, Founder of Aima Dora

My life wasn't always like this !
I’ve gone from a world of high heels and high fashion to becoming a barefoot beach wanderer. I was born in Slovenia, but my wanderlust has taken me on quite the journey. I spent some time living in the UK and much longer time in Australia before finally settling down in Mauritius 12 years ago. And it’s wonderful. I adore nature and the feeling of freedom, shaking off the 9-5 and living my life according to the tides. I’m so passionate about the work that we do with my wonderful team, the women we design our swimwear for and the change that we are making collectively, with the help of our customers.

Why I‘ve created Aima Dora
My life today is a world away from the luxury fashion world I used to lead. It's a slower pace, but with greater purpose and the opportunity to make a bigger impact. I always knew that I wanted to have my own label that was respectful of nature and people. That dream became a reality in 2020 with Aima Dora, our line of eco-friendly tropical swimwear. The ocean is an important part of who I am, and I have a deep reverence and respect for the environment. That's why i have chosen recycled materials for our pre-orders and make everything by hand in our small atelier. We want every purchase to have meaning and to reflect our commitment to sustainability. I'm proud to produce high-quality swimwear in this way.

XX lots of love from Mauritius


Inspired by tropical nature

Color is a central element of what we do at Aima Dora.
Coming from a background in luxury fashion, I was always surprised by how little color was used. When I started my own label, I drew inspiration from the nature surrounding me – the 7 different hues of the Mauritian earth, the blues and greens of the Indian Ocean, the shimmering fish darting beneath the waves, and the vibrant flowers found on the island. I made a promise to myself to create a slice of tropical life that every woman could experience through our swimwear.

Our beliefs


    We believe in slow fashion, reducing our impact on the environment and protecting the planet.


    We believe in creating fair working conditions and respecting our people, creating ethical practices and focusing on the environment as a priority.


    We believe in creating a difference and changing the landscape for consumers, sharing stories of sustainability and creating a more conscious community.


    We believe in the power of color and how it uplifts and inspires. We want to spread color and tropical inspiration worldwide so that everyone can live bolder and brighter, choosing a life that they love. 


Ils parlent de nous

  • " Alma Stanonik concrétise sa vision. Les problèmes qui pourraient survenir pour la durabilité de ses produits et leur recyclage en raison de l'utilisation de supports en métal et en plastique sont résolus par des solutions basées sur la découpe : les éléments de nouage, d'enveloppement et d'attache sont ainsi devenus l'élément stylistique typique des tenues océaniques de la marque."

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  • Avec des motifs aux couleurs vives, et des notes nature et tropical, les tissus minutieusement confectionnés par les équipes de Aima Dora habillent à merveille les peaux hâlées par le soleil. Notre nouveau must-have pour inaugurer comme il se doit la réouverture des plages mauriciennes. Découvrez la collection

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