Swimwear Care

We recommend a gentle, low-impact approach to you swimwear care. Properly caring for your precious garments will help make them last the longest possible time.
  1. Hand wash in cold water
  2. Very mild detergent (eco friendly preferably) can be used
  3. Rinse after use, even if you did not go into water
  4. Lay your swimwear flat and dry in shade
  5. Never roll up when wet
  6. Do not twist or wring out your swimwear to remove excess water
  7. Do not machine wash and avoid generating the greenhouse gas emissions
  8. Do not tumble dry or dry clean and avoid generating the greenhouse gas emissions
  9. Avoid contact with suntan lotions, oils, any tanning products and
  10. Avoid contact with rough surfaces
  11. Avoid wearing in highly chlorinated water that could cause running of colours 



Our dream is for our swimsuits to have more than one life… You give new life to your swimsuit when you wear it beyond the beach, but also when you decide to part with it.

Asking you to return it to us would only rack up the item’s carbon footprint, particularly as it gets shipped. 

We strongly encourage you to drop them off at your nearest textile collection bank so they can be recycled.