For us, style goes hand in hand with sustainability, we don’t just want to look good, we want to do good and make a tangible difference.


The ocean is at the heart of our brand and so, for us, prioritising and preserving the environment is key, putting an end to plastic pollution.  Each year 12 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean, polluting our precious environment and potentially causing extinction to sea creatures worldwide.


We are proud to promote the work of SEAQUAL INITIATIVE who create SEAQUAL YARN from Upcycled Marine Plastics, meaning that our swimwear is 100% SEAQUAL INITIATIVE certified, made entirely from Upcycled Marine Plastic.  SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is committed to cleaning the trash from our oceans, changing attitudes towards the environment and putting the SEA into sustainability.


Their SEAQUAL YARN is one of the most certified environmentally friendly fabrics to be found in the world, partnering with fishermen everywhere to capture marine plastic then upcycle it into the fabric that we use in our factories.


We are passionate about protecting the ocean and saving the ecosystem, sharing sustainable swimwear created from regenerated SEAQUAL YARN and combining comfort with conscience.  


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