Meet Aima Dora

Behind the creations of Aima Dora is Alma. After a career in fashion in Australia, she moved to Mauritius and created a collection of feminine lingerie.

Living on an island, the vulnerability of the ocean became more and more evident to her… and equally worrying. This propelled Alma to change course and to blend ecological responsibility with her work.

Through Aima Dora eco swimwear, she appeals to women who seek beautiful, well-fitted swimsuits that lend them a sense of beauty and responsibility towards our planet. 


Created and Made in the Tropics

When you live on an island, wearing a swimsuit is second nature! Aima Dora’s sustainable swimsuits are beautiful, well-fitted and comfortable. In Mauritius, where they are created, they are worn year-round.

They are then manufactured with the greatest care in Mauritius and Madagascar.

Aima Dora’s eco swimwear adopts the principles of slow fashion: producing less, but better. We seamlessly combine the protection of our environment and high-quality swimwear.

Our factories are audited to ensure that we adhere to the social and societal rights of our employees.