We care about people

Created and Made in Mauritius

Our garments are created and made in Mauritius where our development and pre-order production takes place, supporting the local community and providing jobs for a small team of people. 

We adhere to the social and societal rights of our employees. Put simply, we care about our people and believe in creating not only sustainable swimwear but sustainable jobs for islanders.

 Slow fashion, supporting families.

 We believe in giving back

Supporting education in Madagascar

We support the non-for-profit organisation Sekool in Madagascar ensuring that children receive the education they need.

The main aim of the Sekool Madagascar association is to provide schooling for children. Sekool has directly addressed this issue and completed its first project by building a school for the children in the local area. This issue is being addressed not only by building the school but also by constant monitoring of the conditions prevailing in their family environment as this is crucial in order to provide everyday education and ensure schooling progress.

Sekool continues to strive and expand their support through project 'Arts for Education'.  This program introduced performing arts and sports activities that will contribute to children’s education in Madagasgar. Classes and training facilities have been introduced for arts, dance and sport to further develop children’s artistic and physical abilities, creating a more promising future for the children of this country.

We pride ourselves on supporting Sekool and donating a percentage of profits to this endeavour, ensuring education is accessible for everyone.

Community is at the heart of our story.

Find out more about Sekool on Facebook or their site.